How to kick-start autumn and nail casual street style with a hoodie!

How to kick-start autumn and nail casual street style with a hoodie!

3 Versatile Ways To Style Your Hoodie

There's no man in this world that hasn't at least one hoodie in his wardrobe right now! It's been a long time ago when you're wearing your favorite hoodie when you go out to play basketball with friends - we left that in the early 2000s. Today (finally) hoddie is not just the hoodie! it’s a slim-fitting sweater option (zipped or without) worn neatly on its own, thanks to massive brands that take hold of the design and run with it. Just like sneakers, track pants and jeans went through changes when it comes to size in recent years, the youngful hoodie has too.

Still, knowing how to style a hoodie can be difficult and many are still not aware of how classic hoodie can be incorporated into any outfit with ease and still look presentable. You can throw it on for a quick fix to keep warm and cozy or utilize it for a more edgy look. We present you the Urban Society best selling hoodies and a few pointers on how to style it up!

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Introducing the Urban Society Side Gold Zip Hoodie for a street smart spirit or sporty freshness wherever you go! Black, white or gray are always the perfect solution because they leave the possibility to combine with a wide variety of clothing and styles - and it’s going to work! Whether you're planning to throw it over your shoulders and go to the gym or just for going down the pub with your mates - this type of hoodie will always rock your laid-back style and casual swag. Side gold zip hoodie is a longer style (did someone said Kanye West, LOL!)  and has side and cuff zipper design on sleeves for more stylish and practical look at the same time. Ready for layering and adding some interest to your outfit? YES! Layering is an easy way to make this hoodie look less athletic and more stylish – so the options are endless! Some black skinnies and a pair of lace-up boots or a hoodie under jacket or blazer? Everything works! Not only will your hoodie keep you looking stylish, but will buff -- a double win-win, that’s sure!


“Millennial pink” is the new black? Not really BUT - everybody in the club – all eyes on us! Break the monotony of your outfit with this statement color that does require a certain kind of confidence to be worn – and you have it! Men who wear pink show guts cos pink is not just fashion forward it also shows that you're comfortable in your own skin - and from a woman's perspective – that’s HOT! The Urban Society Pink Distressed Hoodie with side slit is for ones that dare to dress a bit out of the box. Get your styling game up with something fairly simplistic - a pair of Vans, white T-shirt and a pair of blue or black jeans will do the trick. Keep the accessories to the minimum cos pink is a statement color - less is more, don’t forget! Your best bet for a more autumnal or wintery is all black outfit underneath that really shows off the pink of the outerwear.  Whatever you choose to slay your outfit, wear it with confidence - girls love confident men in pink!


Although it is perfectly stylish to wear a gray or black pullover hoodie as the main piece of outerwear in your look, the Urban Society Ghost Hoodie is perfect for combining with other items such as jackets! It features an eerie Japanese writing - a real statement piece in your wardrobe, great for layering up with a black biker jacket, bomber or trench coat combo. Ghost hoodie is loose, made of cotton and also feature a large pocket at the front where you can carry things or put your hands in a swaggy way. Pairing with a bomber jacket is an excellent way to achieve a look that’s casual and cool – and that’s where the line between fashion and sports continue to blur. Just perfect for a low-key weekend look! Add slim-cut jeans in black for a rocker aesthetic or blue for a more urban feel and the result will be a modern inner-city style with subtle athleisure influences. The perfect look of a bad boy from the street!

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